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Jessica's Story: When you focus on wellness instead of weight, magic happens

I've been working out for as long as I can remember. I started working out young with my mom as I had been chubby and overweight my entire life. Despite being involved in sports and a competitive dancer, I was always chubby so I began my weight loss journey very young.  I spent most of my adult life on the familiar yo-yo with my weight - transitioning from periods of under eating to bingeing and then punishing  myself each day in the gym when my body wouldn't conform to the way I thought it should look.  

I know personally how difficult finding a sustainable journey to health and fitness can be. Throughout my life, I have "fallen off the wagon" several times but thankfully always found a way to get back on!



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My focus now for myself and for those I coach is to find a sustainable way to add fitness and wellness into your life - whatever your goal.  Rather than a focus on getting "ripped" I believe it is more enjoyable and sustainable to feel good, feel strong, and use your fitness to enjoy life. Over time, your body will reward you with more energy, better sleep, and strong muscles. 

After battling a devastating illness, I went through my own mental transformation and it changed the way I feel about exercise and eating to fuel my body.  What used to be a way to manage my weight turned into a powerful motivator and force for change in my life. Exercise became my source of power and calm in a world full of chaos. Taking care of my body allows me to mentally overcome any challenge and keep my body and mind strong enough to fight each day.

It's amazing to be able to transform yourself mentally and physically by leading a healthy lifestyle. My goal is for everyone to feel the same passion inside from taking care of their body and their mind. A few years ago I quit my corporate job to follow my passions: travel and fitness. I landed in Bangkok where I became a full time personal trainer and coach helping people from all over the world achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.  


I knew I had found my true calling when I felt excited to wake up and help people each day. Upon returning to the USA, I was diagnosed with cancer and was devastated. After experiencing how powerful exercise and nutrition was in my mental and physical recovery, I knew I had to share my transformation with others and help them experience the same mental strength I had found.


I  became NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified and obtained my Nutrition Certification as well because I finally knew my mission in life.  I knew I had to help others transform their emotions and take control over their lives with fitness and proper nutrition and Jessica Lee Fitness was born so that I can help other people change their lives.


Fun facts about me: I'm a crazy animal lover and take my pup everywhere with me. I'm an avid traveler and adventure seeker having visited over 30 countries and counting so far!  I love using my fitness to explore the world - scuba diving, hiking, climbing, and anything else I can find to stay active while exploring.  When I'm not at the gym you'll find me cooking, planning my next adventure, or doing pretty much anything outdoors!

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