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Jessica Testimonial

Thank you to Jessica for being there 100%. Not only did she educate and encourage, she inspired and believed in me. I came to her like a ball of putty and she molded the hell out of me. She is always on hand to answer endless texts and calls and has a true calling to push without the usual trainer beatdown. I am so grateful to have Jess to always encourage and push me to keep setting goals that are bigger and better. I am not officially addicted after a lifetime of hating exercise. I am so thankful for Jess's guidance, knowledge and friendship during my transformation!!  I now look forward to a lifetime of fitness!

Tricia, 49 - Florida

Jessica Lee Fitness Kettlebell Workout.j

I’ve known Jessica for 20 years and she’s always had a passion for heath and fitness. I never really did. That all changed about a year ago. I was 60lbs overweight,  exhausted, and  miserable. 

Jessica helped me with some small changes at first.Then, she created a routine for me to do in the gym. I’m a busy mom of 3 and business owner so I needed something simple yet effective, something to fit into my crazy schedule. She caters her plans to each client and their needs.

 She gave me simple exercises to do in the gym. I thought for sure there was no way I was ever going to get in the shape I wanted to be in with only having 3 hours a week to exercise. But before I knew it I had lost 60lbs, was in the best shape of my life, had the energy to keep up with my kids, was willingly making healthier food choices. At 36 years old, felt better than I ever had! 

Be upfront with Jessica about your goals, she will absolutely help you reach them! No matter how far off you may think they may be. She has an amazing way of seeing greatness in everyone, even if they don’t quite see it in themselves yet. And she knows how to bring it out of everybody she help

Christy, 36 - Florida

Jessica Lee Fitness Group Class Fun

Jessica has changed my outlook in fitness and health. She is truly a unique coach, one who truly cares about your goals and how you can reach and keep them. My journey started as someone who is burnt out with no motivation in getting back to my “healthy self”. I would say I went through a “rebellion stage”. I’ve had previous experience in fitness and nutrition and even competed in bodybuilding. While that was great, I went through a phase where I got so burnt out and lost my motivation in doing the “right thing” (aka being at the gym 6x a week and eating chicken and broccoli). Jess help me have a different perspective in having a healthy lifestyle. Her approach is different and sustainable. Some of my proud accomplishments throughout this journey is getting back into having a regular workout routine again and sticking with it. I learned that setting small goals can produce huge results. My biggest accomplishment (that was unexpected) is not relying on my sleeping pills anymore. Jess helped me get in a healthy routine that I was able to sleep on my own. It was totally unexpected, but I will forever grateful for that! If you’re ever curious as to what her coaching can do for you, don’t hesitate, it is truly life changing and sustainable! Thank you Jess for everything, you are truly an inspiration!

Divine, 33 - Missouri

Jessica Lee Fitness Bodybuilding Arms

Jessica is AMAZING! It is so much more than weight loss. Digging deep into the mental part is key and she pushes you into that scary place without you even realizing it. But then she is right there to guide you through it. 

Katie, 34- Florida

Jessica Lee Stretching

Jess is full of energy, high spirited & one of the best coaches I’ve come across. She pays attention to detail and corrects our techniques, making sure we do it right so we avoid injury. She also gives us advice individually on nutrition and the simple ways we can cook healthy meals for daily consumption towards a healthier lifestyle. She always emphasizes rest and ways to live a healthy lifestyle both inside and outside the gym. She takes the time to do research and always has an alternative solution when we have limitations during our workouts. I personally wish there more trainers like Jess around and I have yet to find anyone that comes close.

Beryl, 40 - Malaysia

Jess was my first coach when I started and she was so friendly and motivating that even waking up at 6.30am was not a problem anymore. Jess is the only coach I've had that could motivate, cheer, and encourage non-stop. She also taught me all the basics and was always taking the time to correct my moves, scale the exercises, and share her techniques. After I gained more experience, she continued to share more and more tips, always caring about me and making me feel like part of the family. She also motivated me to eat cleaner food and was always give great nutrition advice (including nutrition classes, which helped me a lot)! She is the one who got me addicted to adopt a better lifestyle. I would recommend Jess to anyone for a private or Group class set up!

Marine, 34 - France

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